What's In For You


Change is something that is permanent. There is no full stop for this and it is always a comma that keeps this thing permanent. A smart person is one who tries to lead a life coping up with this change and at the same time tries to be away from its negative effects.This is, of course, a very difficult task since the human tendency is to bend towards all that happens easily in life and makes life easy and this is what the current lifestyles and living standards do.


So it is easy for us to get into this but staying limited and controlled here is the biggest challenge. There are people who try to take whatever is advantageous for them from these changing lifestyles and try to lead their life normally similar to how it was before the latest change.The major defect of this changing lifestyle is that we have completely forgotten about the health that gets easily affected by these unnecessary changes. Health is the first and foremost wealth for a person but how many of us realize this fact?


Only a handful and it is this lot that is very careful and cautious in bringing in such rapid changes into their regular living. They try to include only those that look best and productive for them and this way they are not lost in the changing world but in one or the other way try to be with the changing lot too.

Anything that is good for the health and routine living is appreciated and it is even more important for a human being to take the changes in the right sense because there are all possibilities of employing them improperly in life which is when the person`s life is at stake. So be with the world at the same time be yourself.