Changing Lifestyles And Their Impact On Health


The trend today is to be in the vogue of the present day. All of us are lost in the mesmerizing fashion and the worldly pleasures. One reason for this is the developing and advancing technology that has paved way for all the latest and the mind blowing comforts offered by the present day living styles. People always have the tendency to look at the immediate ease and serenity and are completely blinkered by their effects on our lives and health in the long-run. The impact of changes in lifestyle has brought in a great and tremendous modification and unwanted and unhealthy improvisations in the living styles of people.

It is, of course, nice and comfortable to lead a life that is full of comforts and luxuries but how many of us understand and realize the after-effects of these developments and refinement in life? In fact, the number of cons is equal to the pros which are mostly unnoticed. Let`s take a look at what these neglected and badly overlooked repercussions are.

Lifestyle is not only in the personal grooming and appearance. It has also reached our daily plates. The way we eat and the foods we partake have seen a big change. The world is seeing changes happening at a very fast pace and to cope with this rapid fluctuation we need to be a little swift and buck up to keep pace with the changing world.

Technology has undoubtedly brought many changes in life. All our devices are all upgraded and we get to enjoy everything from our couches. This is seen as a great threat to the healthy living of children. This developed technology has completely changed the phase of the world and we have some of the latest communication devices which are not only used for communication and for establishing contacts but are simple yet profound gadgets that keep us connected with the world always. Apart from the smartphones, we have iPhones, laptops, and iPads that are used mainly by children for games and other plays. These have made them glued to one place and the concept of outdoor playing is completely lost in the present generation. This, in the long run, has led to many health problems like obesity, high pressure etc at a very young age.

Another great disadvantage of this rapidly changing lifestyle is that people tend to fall back on food in all types of situations and emotions. It was a time when people used to eat when the stomach was growling; mainly to satiate the natural hunger. But now the very habit of regular eating, timely food, and most importantly healthy food is completely missing or probably forgotten. People eat when they are hungry when they are sad when they get bored or while a chit-chat with a bestie. This has completely changed the regular cycle of the body and the food that is taken nowadays is deficient in the essential nutrients. This in a way poses a great threat to the healthy living styles.

Another great enemy to this healthy and fit living is the television. The programs that are presented to the audience are so very alluring and enticing that they completely forget about their regular life and stay glued to their couches in front of this idiot box. Research has found that this regular watching of TV has a great link with obesity problems. People tend to keep their mouths busy when their eyes are busy watching the TV`s. So this untimely and unhealthy eating also leads to serious health problems.

These are some of the major things that are posing a very bad picture of the changing lifestyles. This elaborate discussion does not mean that lifestyle is an unwanted thing in a person`s life; it is, of course, important to be with the group in the changing world which otherwise might make you feel lost in the busy world.  But this has to be followed to an extent and to the limit that it does not affect us in any way in our regular living and habits. But the bad news is that we forget this and go completely off-track finally to reach a life and living that is full of worries and health problems.