Lotus White Marianna OpenToe SlingBack Shoes White j4sdah

Lotus White Marianna Open-Toe Sling-Back Shoes White j4sdah
  • Lotus ladies' Marianna peep toe shoe
  • White upper with silver reptile print detailing
  • Adjustable sling-back
  • Coordinates with the Lotus Zonda handbag
  • 5.5cm block heel
Lotus White Marianna Open-Toe Sling-Back Shoes White j4sdah Lotus White Marianna Open-Toe Sling-Back Shoes White j4sdah Lotus White Marianna Open-Toe Sling-Back Shoes White j4sdah
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How to write and market your nonfiction book

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Is Co-Authoring For You?

I’ve collaborated on projects with other experts with great success. I find it suits my personality to work in a small team, the highs are excitingand the lows don’t seem so painful.

I love the process of co-creation, of bouncing ideas off someone else.

The shared workload creates asense of joint accountability , an ability to laugh at, or shrug off, some of the inevitable problems.

Itdoesn’talways run smoothly, however, and it’s only as you co-author a book that you realise what you should have agreed before you started. There are somequestions you must answer ahead of time, so that it works out as a perfect win-win for both partners involved.

There has to be a good reason for both you and your partner to engage with a joint project.

It should fit your strategy, andit helps if you can each contribute something different — different skills or knowledge or simplya different approach.

When it comes to money, I like to work on projects that we can split 50:50 to reinforce the win-win, butthat will vary project to project.

I’ve learnt lessons here from many years of collaboration. Even though something makes sense in principle — the ‘looks good on paper’ concept — it doesn’t mean it will work out in practice.

Get a sense of the other person’s PASSION BLANCHE Womens MCGLCAS03002E Blue Fabric Ankle Boots xLLzQ8cs
before you start, and make this part of your pre-project discussions.

A mismatch of valuesis the main reason I see for co-authored projects notworking out, and it’s an easy one to prevent.

It seems counter-intuitive to be talking about exiting before you even start but you need to considerwhat will happen a year or two down the line when that first flush of enthusiasm has faded.

Who owns the intellectual property? Who will be responsible for maintaining the content, or will you agree to let it lapse? What will happen to royalties, especially if they are low?

Do you need to agree criteria for closing down the collaboration and removing the book from sale? (Better to do that now because you might not see eye to eye eighteen months later.)

And then there are the ways you can collaborate. It’s easy to think,


Since placeholders came along, designers have adopted them as means of storing hints. Their appeal lies in their minimal aesthetic and the fact they save space.

“Since placeholders came along, designers have adopted them as means of storing hints.”

Some designers go one one step further, and replace labels with placeholders. Either way, the placeholder is an Inclusive Design anti-pattern which causes problems for users. Here’s why:

1. It’s easy to forget

The placeholder disappears when the user types. Once it’s gone it’s hard to remember.

fereshte Womens Sexy Plaid Pattern Leather Peep Toe Platform SlipOn High Heels Stilettos Party Pumps Red yEdjr
In which case, the user will suffer a broken experience.

It’s obvious that a missing label is fatal. But if the hint is missing, a user will find it harder to provide an answer.

A user will need to memorise all the hints in order to check their form entries before submission. This is because as each form field is filled out, the hint disappears. The more fields there are the bigger the problem.

Errors are hard to fix because the message and the value lack context. And the hint may contain information to help fix the error.

You could write a verbose error message. For example “Your password must be at least 8 characters” instead of “Must be at least 8 characters” . But this doesn’t entirely solve the problem.

Some browsers hide the placeholder when the user focuses, instead of when they start typing. This means the user has to read ahead of the current field to read the hint.

People that don’t notice the subtle difference in contrast will skip the field mistaking it for a value. One test showed that TELLW Mens Female Linen Slippers Summer Home Indoor Spring Autumn Floor AntiSliding Slippers Women Pink muT1HE2by
. When the user submits the form they will be frustratingly shown an error.

“One test showed that 99% of users thought they didn’t need to enter a value.”

Placeholder text has a lower contrast to help users realise it’s not a value. Some people will struggle to read the text due to the lack of contrast.

Placeholders may not be read out by screen readers which is the visual equivalent of a blank box.

Clicking a label moves the focus to the field. This is helpful to everyone but even moreso to people with fine motor skill impairments. Fields with the label and hint outside, increases the size of the hit area.

If the placeholder is longer than the size of the field, it will be cut off. This means you’re unnecessarily constrained to what information you can put inside it.

For example, when Chrome translates a web page, it will fail to translate the text inside a placeholder.

The browser’s auto-completion routine populates the fields automatically. This means the placeholder text disappears making it difficult for the user to check the values against what the fields intended.

There's been many articles that describe how various companies migrated apps from React to Backbone. This one will be just a bit different, in that we only added React+Redux into our existing Backbone app. Here's some of the steps and techniques that we used. I don't think any of this is particularly new or unique, but the info may be helpful if you're trying to do something similar yourself.

While the typical React SPA has a single use of ReactDOM.render() , it's entirely fine to have multiple React render trees throughout a larger non-React page. In our case, we wanted to use our existing Backbone UI infrastructure for creating modal dialogs and menus, but render React components inside them for the content.

The React docs recently added a section on Coolcept Women Low Heel Gladiator Lace up Riding Boots White 67cL6WKm8T
, which demonstrates the basic concepts for embedding React in Backbone Views. It's just a matter of calling ReactDOM.render() somewhere during the Backbone view creation process, and ReactDOM.unmountComponentAtNode() when the view is destroyed.

There's a wide variety of pre-existing utilities and libraries to help integrate Backbone and React, or even Backbone and Redux, and I'd bookmarked many of them over time just in case they might be useful (see the TAOFFEN Women Wedge Heels Sandals Shoes Straps White 2sVIn
section for links). We ultimately didn't use any of them as-is, but I did make use of the viewFromComponent() function from Womens BootsClode® Fashion Ladies Faux Sude Flat Pull On Mid Calf Winter Ankle Shoes Boots Black IxG7ZFHcW
with some changes for our needs. It takes a React component class as an argument and returns a Backbone View that creates a React render tree for that component, and also extracts specific model/collection values and passes them through as props. (I guess that makes it a "Higher-Order View"? :) ) That allowed us to build our React components in a pretty normal way, and then just wrap up the top-level components as needed so they could be attached to our Backbone UI.

Because we don't have a build step with compilation, we've thus far been limited to strictly ES5 syntax. During this last dev cycle, our target browser environment did get updated to versions that have a high percentage of ES6 support, so we finally began making use of ES6 syntax as we wrote new code or updated existing logic. (Hallelujah - arrow functions and destructuring FTW!)

However, we still don't have the ability to use JSX in our render methods. Everyone would agree that raw React.createElement() calls are ugly, even if you alias createElement() to h() or something. Fortunately, there's a variety of abstraction utilities for createElement() out there for those who either dislike JSX, or (like us) can't use it. I opted to use the Odomolor AmagooTer Womens Buckle HighHeels PU Solid RoundToe PumpsShoes Silver AlylyW
lib, which looks like this:

It's obviously not as nice as JSX, but it's a very workable fallback given our constraints.

AustinTalks ( http :// austintalks . org / 2011 / 02 / bar - manager - hopes - to - upend - government - establishment - by - winning - 28th - ward - seat / )

February 3, 2011 By Sarah Ostman |

Maybe it’s the hardscrabble, lifelong Chicagoan in him. Maybe it’s the fact he’s managed a bar for more than two decades. Whatever the cause, one thing is for sure: Sanita Womens Feist SlipOn Loafer Red 1JLVbQSyFv
doesn’t mince words.

“It should have been an HBO documentary,” said Siegmund, sitting in a sweatshirt, jeans and socks in the front room of his Washington Boulevard home. He was describing his experiences collecting signatures to run for alderman of the 28 th Ward.

As he went door to door, he said, many residents were skeptical, dismissive or downright aggressive that a white man would ask for their vote in the mostly African-American but growing Hispanic ward.

But then, he said, he also had interactions like this one.

“I was out getting signatures in front of a school. A woman came up to me and said, ‘Excuse me, did you say you were running against Ed Smith ?” Siegmund recalled. “I thought I was going to get blasted.”

But he didn’t. “She said, ‘I’ll sign that. I don’t know what that man’s been doing for (27) years.’”

Ed Smith won’t be on the Feb. 22 ballot, but his longtime aide and newly appointed replacement – Jason Ervin – will be. Siegmund says that resident’s hunger for change is the reason he’s running – to draw attention to the 28th Ward and its need for new leadership.

Other 28th Ward Candidates

“History is against me,” Siegmund said. “But it’s a weird election (year). Anything can happen.”

A chatty, opinionated father of two, Siegmund has lived in Dr Martens Mila Steel Toe 6 Eye Work Oxfords SWDDm
for nine years. He was raised in Rogers Park and lived in Wicker Park for a time before settling into his first-floor condominium with his wife Marcy, 7-year-old son Otto and 4-year-old daughter Addison.

Friends describe the 43-year-old as down to earth, a history buff who always gets the right answers on Jeopardy and stays calm when a situation arises at work.

He also has a sarcastic streak: asked by the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board what they might find surprising about him, he wrote, “That I still subscribe to the Trib after you took it and dumbed it down. Please restore sunday (sic) magazine section.”


Scholl Spikey4 Blue Women’s Mules Blue Blau Blue uHiztF

Head of Editorial Team

Jessica was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Eurovision has been a huge part of her life for a number of years, getting to see the contest live for the first time in 2015. Jessica joined the ESCToday team in November 2013.


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